Second AD HOC Transnational project Meeting

Today, 24th of March, the second AD HOC Transnational project Meeting was held online. The participants in the transnational meeting were from the countries of all project partners (Greece, Slovenia and Italy) and the project coordinator country (North Macedonia). Important project topics were discussed such as digitization of archeological content, ICT tools in the area of archeological and cultural heritage, accessibility of such platforms. Budget and management control, as well as dissemination and visibility were also discussed.

Набавка на 3д принтер и свел тач машина во рамки на АД ХОК проектот

Во рамките на вториот интелектуален аутпут од АД ХОК (Еразмус + КА203) проектот беа набавени 3Д принтер и свел тач машина која го олеснува учењето на ученици и студенти со попреченост преку изработка на конкретни материјали. Со оваа технологија ќе бидат изработени преку 40 артефакти од нашата земја, Грција, Словенија и Италија кои ќе бидат искористени за приближување на археолошкото и културното наследство до лицата со попреченост.

AD HOK Multiplier event (Skopje)

The first Multiplier Event within the AD HOC project was organized in Skopje on the 23rd of November, 2020. It was an online event (considering the Covid-19 restrictions). Project leader, prof. Viktori Lilcikj Adams together with professors Dragi Mitrevski, Marjan Jovanov and Antonio Jakimovski gave presentations related the project activities. Professor Nikola Minov had a presentation of the Book, produced within this project with a title – Accessibility of Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Sites. The event was visited by more than 50 participants.

First transnational meeting for the AD HOC project (Skopje, 19-20 February, 2020)

The meeting was organized with the purpose to officially start with the project activities. The meeting was attended by representatives from the coordinating country North Macedonia (Faculty of Philosophy: Viktor Lilcikj Adams, Antonio Jakimovski, Marjan Jovanov, Nikola Minov, Aleksandra Karovska Ristovska) and the project partners from Slovenia (University of Primorska: Martina Blechich Kavur, Boris Kavur); Greece (Artifactory: Dorothea Papathanasiou, Aldo di Russo); Continue reading